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Portraits, Ads & Yearbooks

Senior year starts in the heat of the summer with senior portraits.

Studio One Photography in Dublin is the official photography company for Foothill's senior photos.

You may schedule senior photo appointments by contacting Studio One Photography at (925) 361-0430. Visit the Studio One website. All appointments must be made by phone. There is currently no online scheduling.

All senior photos for the yearbook must be taken by Studio One Photography. There is a roughly $28 fee for yearbook photos. Extra fees apply for extra poses and photo orders. Learn more

Senior portraits must be taken before the end of winter break.

Parents who want to use senior photos in yearbook ads should make early appointments. Photos taken close to the deadline may not be available for ads.

More info on yearbook ads for seniors

Here are the easy steps to follow to take out an ad honoring your senior:
1. Log on to
2. Enter 7378 as the order number. You may also search by city and state for Foothill.
3. Click on "Create an Ad." Do not click on "Upload Photos." You will do that later.
4. Follow instructions to create your personalized ad.

For creative purposes, ads may be created using different software, such as Photoshop or InDesign. Once the ad is created, select one of the two two ad templates (layouts) and insert the completed ad in the photo box. If you do not have a digital file of your photos, you may use a scanner at a store such as FedEx Office to scan your photos.

Ads may be ordered by family members only, please. Limit two ads per student. Ads are one-quarter page and in full color.

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