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Community Service Hours

In order to graduate from the Pleasanton Unified School District and Foothill High School, students are required to complete 20 service hours* with a non-profit organization in the community in order to graduate, these community service hours can be done during any year in high school, you do not need to wait until senior year. 

  • Hours can be used from any year in high school
  • All community service is approved, as long as not working for a parent or spreading a religion

Directions: Please complete the information in this form and have the contact person who oversaw your hours sign below, verifying you have completed all 20 hours*.  You may combine hours from different organizations; please fill out for each organization.  Turn this form in as soon as all 20 hours are signed off - you do not need to wait until senior year.  You may use other forms of documentation if you have it.

Submission: Turn in to the basket marked “Community Service” in the counseling office by May 1 of your senior year.  Keep a copy of the completed log for your records. 

*Students who move to PUSD after freshman year are responsible for 5 hours of community college class PER year they are in PUSD (for example, students who moved here junior year would need 10 hours)