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Parking Permit Cost is $60 

Students who drive to school are required to have a parking permit, which entitles a Foothill High School Sophomore, Junior or Senior to park in designated student parking areas on campus. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis only. Provisional license laws must be adhered to. A valid permit only confers the privilege to park on campus and does not guarantee a parking space. All vehicles must be registered and display the appropriate Foothill Parking Permit.

Registering and receiving a Parking Permit it is a Two Step process.
  1. Register your vehicle(s)
  2. Either bring your payment to the office to receive your permit or visit FutureFund to make the payment

An additional fee of $10 will be charged for lost or stolen permit placards. Any student who leaves the parking lot or campus without proper authorization during the day may have parking privileges revoked. Refunds will not be granted if parking privilege is revoked

The following conditions must be followed to ensure the safety of staff and student drivers:
  1. Students must possess a valid driver’s license.
  2. Permits must be displayed in the front windshield so that the permit number can be read.
  3. Students may not leave school during school hours (including lunch) unless they have checked out of the office by a parent/guardian and have been issued a signed and dated pass.
  4. The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 mph, maximum.
  5. Students must follow and abide by all state traffic laws in Foothill parking lots. The speed limit is 10 mph.
  6. Parking is restricted to the designated student lot only, on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking in the teacher/staff lot, teacher/staff marked parking spaces or in the visitor lot, is against school policy and could result in loss of permit for one semester.
  7. Parking in an unmarked space, spots designated for people with disabilities, or fire lane may result in loss of permit.
  8. Reckless driving on or near school grounds could result in the loss of permit for one semester, possible police involvement, and other disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the administration.
  9. For the safety and well being of all Foothill students and staff, vehicles may be subject to search as deemed necessary by the administration. See Ed Code 2113A.
  10. Violations of your Provisional License may result in parking privileges being revoked for the remainder of the school year and/or other disciplinary actions.