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Senior Scholarships

PTSA Senior Scholarship Application 2024 

One of the Foothill High School PTSA’s goals is to enrich the educational experience of all Foothill High School students, and it is with pride we offer these scholarships to encourage the furthering of their education beyond high school.These $500 awards are given to students who have demonstrated exceptional effort to enrich their school and/or community and is to be used in the school year following high school graduation. 

Eligibility: Any Foothill High School senior with a minimum 2.0 GPA, who will attend a trade/technical school, 2-year community college, or 4-year university/college in the fall semester/quarter following graduation. 

How to Apply: Send all of the following by April 9, 2024 to Cassie Begley at 

Please do not put any identifying information or photos in the essay in order to preserve the anonymity of the students during the selection process. 

1. The PTSA Scholarship Application filled out completely and legibly. 

2. A copy of your unofficial transcripts obtained from your Parchment account. Unofficial transcripts are free and can be obtained on the FHS website: → Counseling → Transcripts. Contact the Foothill Counseling office for additional assistance. 

3. A ONE-page, typed essay describing your future career plans, goals, objectives and any other information you feel would be valuable to the selection committee. Include anything else that gives insight into you (your accomplishments, personal hardships, passions, or aspirations). 

4. A ONE-page typed chronological list of volunteer experience both in and outside of school, work experience, or extra-curricular activities. List activity with details (hours spent, position held, honors won, letters earned, employer, etc.). Indicate grade when participated (i.e. Varsity of Cross Country 10, 11, 12; Meadowlark Dairy 11, 12; etc.) 

5. Optional: If you have financial need that you would like the committee to consider, please attach an additional ONE-paragraph typed explanation of your need (see next page). 

Selection: Recipients are selected by members of the PTSA Scholarship Committee, and award recipients will be notified on or before May 7th. Consideration is given to all students meeting the eligibility criteria including those who have demonstrated academic improvement during the past four years and for students with financial need. 

Payout:  Award recipients must take the steps below to receive funding, or scholarship may be forfeited. Email the following to our PTSA Treasurer at no later than October 31, 2024. 

● Submit PROOF OF ENROLLMENT. Typically, this is the student’s class schedule for the family term including the student’s name and the name of the school. 

● Indicate the PAYEE for check and MAILING ADDRESS where outside donor scholarship checks should be sent. This is usually the financial aid office but confirm with college/school website. ● Provide STUDENT ID/NUMBER at college/school. If social security #, submit last four digits only. 

● Checks will be disbursed beginning August 20th, 2024. For questions regarding payouts, please contact the PTSA Treasurer at