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Independent Study

Independent Study for Extended Absences

If your student will be absent for five (5) to ten (10) days, an Independent Study Contract must be completed prior to the absence. Please note that this is a detailed state document. This document cannot be downloaded, but can be picked up by the student at the attendance office. Students will be shown how to complete the form.

Please have your student start this process at least two weeks prior to the first day of the absence in order for it to be completed on time. This form is signed by each teacher and includes all homework assignments that must completed before the student returns to school. Completion of this form and compliance with the requirements will prevent truancy reporting and will allow the school to collect state funding for the days the student is absent.

  • A student who will be absent from school because of an extended trip with their parents will be excused, provided the appropriate Independent Study paperwork has been completed and returned to the attendance office prior to the expected absence.
  • Teachers’ and administrators’ signatures on vacation absence forms (secured in the attendance office) do not constitute approval by the school for the absence, but simply confirm proper notification of the reason for this possible excused absence.
  • The attendance office and teachers must be notified at least two weeks in advance of such a trip, unless otherwise approved by the school principal.
  • A list of assignments for the student to complete while absent will be prepared.
  • These assignments are then due on the day of return to school.
  • If all the requirements of the independent study contract are met, the absences for this period of time will be excused.
  • The period of time for this absence may not exceed one calendar month. Any circumstances that require the absence to exceed one calendar month must be approved by the school principal.
  • If the calendar month ends during a school holiday, the student must be present at school on the first day following the holiday with all the contracted Independent Study work completed.
  • If the work is not returned on the first day of return, then the absences would be considered unexcused and the student would have to reapply to the school for admission (based on space and program availability).

For information regarding the Independent Study Contract Request and Procedures, please refer to the PDF attached on this page.

Pleasanton Unified School District regulation 5101, pages 4 & 5

K-12 Independent Study Contract Request and Procedures 2022-23